About us

LOGICA is a company providing consultancy in the sphere of information technologies, development, maintenance, management and servicing of computer programs and systems, as well a wide range of consulting services in the sphere of public law and finance, public spending, public procurement, audit activities, development, management and reporting of projects funded by donor programs.

The range of services we offer includes comprehensive legal, financial and administrative services coupled with an innovative approach to solving our customers’ problems by the IT products we developed in our portfolio.

Logica offers on-line tools to optimize processes in public sector institutions. Our products include logically linked functionalities that help public sector employees to fulfill their duties in line with the requirements of regulations in the area of ​​public procurement and financial management and control.

Our products facilitate the work of public administrations by providing ready solutions minimizing the mistakes that can be made and in order to comply with regulatory requirements.

What distinguishes LOGICA is the new look and visionary approach based on the long experience of our experts, combined with the possibilities of information technologies today. Looking to the future, e-governance and optimization of the processes and activities of public and private sector employees, our mission is to develop products that enhance the quality of our customers’ work and contribute to a successful transition to the digital services era.